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Cervical Pillow

Helping reshape the healthy neck curve, employed advanced ergonomic design, this pillow fits seamlessly with the curves of your neck and the top of your shoulders, giving them full support. Besides, it enables two-way neck traction.

-Standard (21*13*3.9 inches)
-Queen( 24*15*4.6 inches)

-Standard 2.4lb
-Queen 3lb

Fill: 100% memory foam
Cover: 65% Polyester,35% Organic Cotton
lnner Cover: 100% Polyester
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We gaurantee your satisfaction,we will give
you a refund if you truly don't love it.


We promise a ten-year warranty, make
sure we can let you use it more assured.


We offer free, no-contact shipping
throughout the contiguous U.S. No extra fee.

Ergonomics design

According to ergonomic design, we scientifically divided the pillow into 5 functional parts. Different parts serve different body parts: head, neck, and shoulders.

Cradle your head, stretch your neck

The heightened on both sides and the slightly concave structure in the middle help to hold the head and support the neck and shoulders, strengthen cervical traction, and keep the cervical spine on the same horizontal line.

Back Sleeper

Side Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper

Low Pillow Sleeper

Slow rebounding, releases more pressure

Extraordinary rebound and better pressure absorber Great resilience enables the pillow to distribute the pressure evenly, support the head and neck three-dimensionally.

100% Safety

It is made of high-quality odorless memory foam certified by CertiPUR-US. Non-temperature-sensitive constant temperature, less affected by ambient temperature, and keeps in shape for long-term. Always stay supportive no matter how you sleep on it over time.


Both ends usable

Breathable & cooling

100% Austrian cotton

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pillow suitable for all sleeping positions?

Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, the pillow is suitable for you! What's more, it can relieve your neck pain.

Can I adjust the height of the Pillow?

Sure. Zamat pillow is designed with removable memory foam inserts (about 0.8" thick), just add or remove the inserts, you can adjust your pillow to the perfect height. If you need more inserts, please contact us, the inserts are free, you only need to pay for the shipping.

Can this pillow really relieve nack pain?

Yes. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a pillow that lacks support for the head and neck can trigger new or exacerbate existing nack pain.
Sleeping on Zamat Cervical Pillows helps correct body positioning with its ergonomic design to achieve the right placement and support of your neck and head, bringing a reduction of stress and discomfort in the cervical vertebra and spine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews

I absolutely LOVE this memory foam orthopedic pillow!! I get headaches due to occipital misalignment, so I've tried quite a few types of pillows trying to find anything to help. I'm also a side sleeper, which doesn't help the misalignment. I've been sleeping SO much better since I've been using this pillow. My neck is feeling better and it's helping the intensity of the headaches. I really like that it's made for all types of sleepers. My husband stole it for a night and absolutely loved it. I also really like the feel of the removable cover. I did not have any problem with a smell when I received it. I can't wait to see if it continues to help my neck the longer I use it. I'll update in a few weeks.

Great Pillow! Easy on the Neck and Spine!

I recently started to have back pain and wanted to get a new pillow. I heard about ergonomic pillows and was very skeptical about them. This pillow by ZAMAT is perfect! It came in a box all compressed. I opened the package and let the pillow inflate for a few hours and it was ready to use. If you are not used to sleeping on an ergonomic pillow it will take a few days to get used to. I have been waking up feeling fresh and without neck pain. The thicker side is perfect for sleeping on your side and the slimmer side is for sleeping on your back or stomach. ZAMAT support was awesome! They reached out to me about the product. It comes with a one year warranty as well! Try it and I am sure you will love it!

Great support for a consistently good night's sleep

Bring up the topic of pillows with a group of people and you will always hear how important a good pillow is and how difficult it is to find the right pillow. For me, I have found the right pillow. I'm mostly a side sleeper, but sometimes a back sleeper, and this pillow doesn't compress during the night leaving my neck feeling sore in the morning. The pillow doesn't get hot like some do and there are no pressure points that force me to move around trying to get comfortable. I literally just lucked into this pillow after trying many others, but I'm glad I did. I've slept noticeably better since I started using it several weeks ago.

Life-changing pillow for my neck pain

My physical therapist recommended I switch to this pillow to support my neck while I sleep. I was dubious because I love big, fluffy pillows that you can really sink into, and I thought I'd hate this. Turns out, the fluffy guys were just a poor attempt to find the type of neck support that this one provides more effectively! Now whenever I sleep away from home my neck is noticeably more stiff the next day - thanks to this pillow, I can be more active with less neck pain! I am a side sleeper, and also find it quite comfortable when laying on my back. I like that it comes in a king size. I've gone from being the person who needs 3 pillows to herself to only this one!


This pillow changed my life and I’m not even exaggerating a little bit. I started suffering with a terribly painful neck every morning when I woke up and it never really went away even with taking pain relievers, massage, stretching, heat, ice, nothing worked and I was miserable! In the course of a month I spent over $100 on different pillows but nothing helped. I took a leap of faith in trusting all the great reviews of this product and ordered it. Oh my word, neck pain GONE after the first night and it has stayed away! I’m sleeping so much better now. I love it so much that I purchased a second one because I never want to be without this great product! I’d give it 100 stars if I could!

 5* Sleep!

After reading multiple reviews of multiple support pillows I took a chance and purchased this one in Standard Size. Absolutely the best decision! Purchased the pillow to help relieve awful shoulder, neck, and back pain I’d been experiencing with various other pillows - you name it, I’ve tried it. Pillow arrived in a rather small box that doesn’t look like it would hold much, but after unpacking the pillow puffed into it’s permanent size in about 2 hours. It also comes with a removable, machine washable pillow cover so that is also a plus. While this pillow seems a bit hard at first, it is PERFECT. It relieved the pain in my neck, back and shoulder. One side is higher than the other so if you’re on the smaller side like me, the smaller in height side will be the way to go. I can’t tell you how many other pillows I’d wrestle with trying to get them to support my neck and I’d wake up with all sorts of neck/back/shoulder/headaches. I am a side and back sleeper and it works for both. Save yourself some pain, and money. Usually when you find an inexpensive product you figure it will be awful. After all, the other guys charge 3 times as much! Happy to say it wasn’t true for this purchase. I’ll be purchasing a second pillow for my husband who has the same pain issues. Great buy!

Slept all night.

So like most people I've known about the existence of memory foam/ergonomic pillows for years, but was put off on spending an insane amount of money on a pillow. I'm also strictly a stomach/side sleeper, usually alternating between the two throughout the night, and most ergonomic pillows I saw were only for supporting back sleepers. I'm also picky and don't like pillows that are too firm, but obviously if its too soft it's just gonna go flat. Life is hard for my Goldilocks self.

Literally at 2AM last week I was scrolling on my phone, frustrated in bed from my neck and shoulders hurting all the time, and just hating my life at that moment. Semi-impulse purchased this after comparing some other pillows and then straight up forgot about it until a day later. Once it arrived and I finally got to lay on it I practically wept tears of joy for how perfect this pillow is for stomach/side sleepers like me and my chiropractic nightmare sleeping positions. Its soft and plush enough to make you go "ahhh" as you gently sink into it, but then it stops at just the right amount and holds you at the perfect level for your neck. I've tried pushing with my hand pretty hard and it holds its shape so well past that certain amount of give.

My neck and shoulders seriously felt so much improvement from only one night of use. One night!!! Every night since then I am literally so happy to have this pillow and its ridiculous how much better my shoulders feel after less than a week. I got it in a queen size and the extra size is very nice for your arms.

I don't normally write reviews but I'm floored by how comfortable this thing is, so if you're debating on getting it you should honestly just try it. If we have different tastes and you hate it you can always return it, but seriously I will be having a love affair with this pillow for many years to come and can't recommend it enough. Best insomnia impulse purchase ever :')