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Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

Simple and effective physical solutions to sooth away stiff neck. If you're suffering from serious neck pain, this pillow is here to care for and to level up your sleep quality!

Small But Effective
Release neck pain in just 20 minutes!
To keep your spine in a good posture and relieve pain and pressure.
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Advanced ergonomics design

Combining V-shaped curvature and C-shaped opening. Gives you the support you need to recover problematic soft tissues in the neck and shoulders. Help restore the natural cervical curvature.

Spot pressed massage

With 6 massage granules which are designed for relaxing your stiff muscles and relieving the pressure on your ligaments and nerve plexuses.


Super soft magnetic therapy cloth case

Exclusive pillowcase for physiotherapy.It can stimulate blood circulation and eliminates neck pain and stress.

High-quality material

Made of safe and durable foam material, non-toxic, odorless. It gives you great comfort with the just-right firmness and softness.


Please keep in mind that DO NOT use it for more than 20 minutes or a whole night! Normally it takes 1-3 days for you to adapt to this pillow because your neck needs time to get familiar with the new corrector curvature. You will enjoy extreme comfort after you get used to it!

and odorless

Washable pillow
(not just the case)


Compact With
Convenient Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Hurt?

Yes, it's designed to stretch and realign your cervical spine. It's almost useless if it's too soft. So it's quite normal if you feel uncomfortable at the beginning when it's moving your spine into the correct position. You just need time to get used to the process.

Can I sleep on it all night?

Please don't sleep on it all night, it's not a pillow for sleeping. It can relieve neck pain in just 10 minutes.

How do I clean my pillow?

Both the outer pillowcase and inner pillow are machine-washable.

Will it becomes flat after long-term using?

No. It is made of high-quality foam, which is a sturdy, harmless, and environmental-friendly material. It will not easily deform and can offer you great support for the cervical vertebra.

Do I have to lie on the bed while using it?

No, you do not have to. you can use it while reading in bed, working on the computer, even while you are driving--anywhere you need to relieve neck pain and back pain you suffering.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Great to use once a day to relax and ease neck, shoulder tension.

I needed to fix my curvature and relieve some tension.I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about this thing. However, it’s been working great. 10 minutes a day and I’m starting to have some real relief in my neck and shoulders.Both my husband and I were able to use it and felt relief and tension released. Slight oder when I first opened it but not bad at all, went away right after. Definitely recommend to use as a tool to relax before bed. It was nicely packaged.

this relieved my “untreatable” chronic migraines...

I suffer from neck and shoulder pain associated with poor posture and a straightened neck .I bought this to see if it could provide relief and help to readjust the curve to my neck.It feels so good on my neck now

Works better than I expected

I suffer from neck and shoulder pain associated with poor posture and a straightened neck. It mainly just feel that my neck is stretched out and released after using the pillow.It feels so good on my neck now I can get some sleep

Actually Works

Highly recommend. Easy to use. Every morning I have lower back pain when I wake up. I had only used 10 minutes before bed the night I received it, that being said I won’t up the next morning not having lower back pain!

Sweet lord it helped!

I don’t know how it works but it does. I have a herniated disc in my neck that makes my left arm numb and painful, and using this 10 minutes a day has largely removed that pain.This has significantly helped me.

Works and inexpensive

Reviews complained that this product was too hard! Really people, do you even read the product description. This is not a pillow, it is a tool to help stretch and realign your neck. I may buy another one just to make sure I always have one on hand. It is small enough to pack for trips. Well worth the money when you consider the medical alternative.

It helps to relax, stretch and align my neck!

I’m very impressed with this product! It’s easy to use and makes adjustments to my neck almost immediately. However, I do feel a bit of pain after the adjustment, which I think it’s normal since I have the same issue after I visit my chiropractor. I use it daily and I love it! I’m feeling better each day. Thank you for creating this!