Zamat - Closest to Everyone, Softest for Anyone

Extra Thick Mattress Topper

Soft enough but won’t let you down. High-density organic cotton case and 3D cotton padding for soft and cooling experience. Innovative, proprietary material is designed for years of long-lasting comfort.

Size ( inch ):
39"x80"+18"(Twin XL)
72"x84"+18"(California King)

Cover: 100% Cotton
BACK:100% Polyester
SKIRT: 100% Polyester
FILLING: 100% Polyester

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We gaurantee your satisfaction,we will give
you a refund if you truly don't love it.


We promise a ten-year warranty, make
sure we can let you use it more assured.


We offer free, no-contact shipping
throughout the contiguous U.S. No extra fee.

Experience of softest topper

Filled with 3D cotton, the mattress topper offers perfectly softness to your shoulders, waists, and hips, evenly embraces your body without a backache. Let you sleep in a cozier environment and wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

Breathable & cooling

The fibrous fillers inside allow more air circulation than the traditional memory foam, that's how it reduces retention of heat and creates a cozy and breathable sleeping environment.

Organic cotton case

The case is made of 100% organic cotton without synthetic additives or pesticides. Retains the comfort of nature.

Thickened design

Compared with traditional pads and memory foam toppers, the Zamat topper is much thicker and higher, it's softer to sleep on, which provides an extraordinary level of fluffy comfort.

Easy storage

Machine washable

Mesh design

Deep elastic pocket

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the padding shift to the edges?

No, the true baffle box design keeps the padding in place and prevents fillers from shifting or bunching in one area.

Do I have to use a mattress protector?

Whether to use a mattress protector depends on your own habits. The surface of the Zamat topper is made of 100% organic cotton, which is skin-friendly and machine washable. It doesn’t matter if you don't use a mattress protector.

Can I wash my topper?

Yes. It can be machine washed without expensive dry cleaning. Just wash it with cold water, and then dry it at a lower temperature. The true baffle box design can keep the filling in place and prevent the filling from moving or bunching in an area. After receiving it, pop it dry into the tumble dryer to add a layer of softness, support, and comfort to your mattress.

Does the topper make me feel hot in summer?

No, you can sleep on it in all seasons. Our filler is made of 3D cotton with good air permeability, keeping cooling and comfortable all the time.

When I want to store the topper, can I fold it?

Yes, it can be folded or rolled up for easy storage, it's also easy to carry when moving to a new house. Enjoy a convenient lifestyle with Zamat.

Rated /5 based on customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Good quality and comfy

I really loved! It’s so comfy and soft, when I go to sleep, it is as a get hug. Fit perfect on my queen bad. I really recommend this cover.

My bed is holding me now

Great mattress cover. Super thick! Super deep pockets. I was worried it wouldn’t stay in place but it was fine once I got the sheet in place on top of it.

What I need!!!

It is very cool and perfect for the warm Florida nights. It’s soft and helps bring new life into an old mattress. It’s also super easy to take on and off and hasn’t slipped or moved at all for me.


I have back pain and get sore when I sleep on my foam mattress. After using this topper it helps me sleep well and comfortable. I love material and deep pocket, fits well.

So far So good for me.

The product is designed very well. I suffered from back/neck pain and always was looking for a mattress topper that could help me alleviate the pain. I’ve found this topper very comfortable to enhance to sleep quality.

Great Deal

I am very satisfied this purchase. I have back pain and get sore when I sleep on my foam mattress. After using this topper it helps me sleep well and comfortable.

Sleeping on a kidding!

I sleep better and have less back pain. It is not magically going to make your bed softer but it helps a lot. Thinking about pairing it with a foam topper.